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The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

Nordic Cloudberry is fast becoming one of the most controversial capsules ever released by Nespresso. While some like it, it’s a light cup with a pungent berry aroma, many utterly dislike it to the point of giving it away.

Personally I believe it’s a weak flavour. The whole Nordic-inspired line of capsules is particularly weak, born out more of the need for Nespresso to get the approval of the lighter, 3rd wave coffee enthusiasts and Scandinavian customers than actually being quality capsules. While the Nordic Black is a weaker version of the old Paris Black and the Nordic Almond Cake is less sweet, more delicate, than a Praline, the Nordic Cloudberry is both weak, as lacking a distinctive coffee flavour, and a bad combination with the cloudberry taste, with its tartness. I won’t throw away my capsules as they are sometimes worth drinking, when I don’t feel like drinking a heavier cup, I agree that the matching of a berry with coffee isn’t well made, close to a total failure. The cloudberry taste is way too prominent and overcomes, nearly completely, the coffee flavours, making it too similar to a fruity tea, minus the sweetness.

Nordic Cloudberry is the closest I would think of a faux pas from Nespresso, the first in years.

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The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

47 thoughts on “The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

  1. How cool. I like what you folks are doing here. Though I have to admit: I love the Nordic Cloudberry flavour just because it’s so strange. That intense smell of berries does overwhelm everything else, but for me it somehow works, and it’s so weird. I wouldn’t want to drink it regularly but for the Christmas holidays, imagining I’m in Finland, it’s fine!

    1. Our issues with Cloudberry are limited to being “not much coffee” in flavour, more like a tea. Perhaps we are a bit skewed towards dark roasts and intense capsules but Cloudberry feels a lot like Nespresso should have put a quarter less berry flavour in it to be right. Sometimes though, as you say, a very different taste like the Cloudberry one is fine. Thanks for following our blog, very much appreciated!

  2. I think this capsule flavour is hideous and tastes like very chemical laden window cleaner. Cloudberry is a fail by Nespresso. I tried to give it away but my friend spat it out.

  3. Nespresso Cloudberry is one of the best taste sensations Nestle have ever created. I’m a fan of many of the so-called “pure” hard-core Nespresso espressos, as well as the single origin Ethiopia, AND I love the Cloudberry! Truly well done to whoever at Nestle dreamed this up – I am a massive fan! Thank you!

  4. I was initially completely dismayed by the new Nespresso Cloudberry, but made it again as an afternoon coffee. I added a minimum of steamed milk and lots of foam, sprinkled on a hint of sweetened cocoa – unfortunately the berry taste still overpowered.To address this, I gently stirred in about 2 tablespoons of whipped cream with the result that I had a spectacularly delicious Kaffee mit Schlag, the kind of coffee combination you might find in Austria or southern Germany. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to experiment.

    1. Thanks to you Judith for sharing a good recipe to make Cloudberry bearable for those who don’t like it. We did find Cloudberry works better with lots of milk but not experimented enough for the perfect ratio. Kaffee mit Schlag sounds delicious 🙂

  5. Sadly, I purchased 5 sleeves of Cloudberry during a promotion (bought 20 sleeves of Variations Nordic in total) only to hate it so much, I can’t even bring myself to waste milk making a latte with it. I have 4 unopened sleeves remaining that I’m willing to give away for free (just pay for the shipping) to anyone who wants it.

    1. Sorry about that, it happens to buy pods that aren’t to our tastes from time to time.

      Perhaps would be a good idea to implement a buy/sell announces here on NespressoGuide? What anybody else think?

    2. @Nespresso Guide – this would be a great idea – especially to redistribute the Cloudberries to those who love it (like me!)

    3. I would totally take you up on the capsules if you still have them! My husband LOVES the cloudberry and I have been trying to find more for him.

  6. OMG, I would love some more of this flavor!! I can sympathize with everything that’s been said, but I also really enjoy the variety this flavor gives me among the other capsules. It’s like a special treat (if you’re not looking for a coffee-flavored coffee really). I’m weird like that but I truly enjoy it. If anybody can hook me up, please do.

    1. I’m glad you like it Vanessa and, with some thought, I agree with you that it is a new, different, flavour that is interesting to have among the Nespresso offering. I don’t see myself drinking it on a regular basis but it’s nice that it exists for those like you that want a different experience within the realm of coffee flavours.

  7. OMG, I love the flavor. It’s like a new drink I didn’t know I needed (not really a replacement for coffee, rather an addition). I would happily happily take any anyone doesn’t wanna drink 😀

  8. I bought all the Nordics for the holidays. I live in NZ and that’s when we get lots of visitors. I was not thrilled with Cloudberry at first. That’s why I had a LOT left while in lockdown! I now love it. The trick for me was to make it as a latte and add 1/2 teaspoon of the Cailler Le Chocolat hot chocolate powder that the NZ Nespresso site sells. Somehow that works. I have “just” a few sleeves left.

  9. Whaaaaat? I was absolutely addicted to the nordic series! They where the perfect evening coffee when u want something smooth and relaxing without stuffing on dessert! I am seriously surprised people did not like it!?!!! It was of course never intended as your power up coffee! Hence the name….
    Im sad i dont have then any longer.. cant get them kn belgium

    1. Yes, they’re gone for the time being. Occasionally Nespresso makes old limited editions, like the nordic series, return so keep checking here or the official Nespresso website in Belgium as they may become available again (probably not in the next months though).

        1. Don’t be, the worst that can happen is that you won’t like it and will gift it to somebody else 🙂

          Perhaps try it as a latte with a bit of dark cocoa powder, as suggested earlier. It seems to complement the good flavours of Cloudberry and hide the bad ones.

  10. I absolutely loved it, but now I can’t get it any more. Some of my capsules were damaged, so I was hoping to get more now it’s not available.

    1. Yes, the nordic collection is not available any more in most countries. Sometimes Nespresso makes old capsules available again so there’s hope it will with Cloudberry too.

  11. Loved loved loved it!, At first I thought I would hate it as I am normally NOT a “let’s add fruity flavors to teas, beers, coffee etc..” person. I’m an espresso purist at heart. Usually can’t stand those combinations. But something about this particular flavor absolutely calls to me. I drink it as an americano as a special treat. Even the smell makes me happy. I was SO sad that it sold out. I REALLY hope they bring it back next season for those that adored it. Apparently there are enough of us to do some brisk sales 🙂 My only dismay on this flavor was the “artificial” flavor that nespresso added…I thought they (Nespresso) were better than that. I normal try to avoid artificial flavoring..BUT I still love this one enough to drink it even with that.

    1. Most of the “weird” flavours have to be add as coffee itself can’t express that much of a difference from the “base”. There are some quite “herbal” coffee, that taste nearly like an herbal tea but they don’t possess the tartness of Cloudberry. An Ethiopian Harrar comes to mind but be aware that it is still very much a coffee and not a flavoured blend like Cloudberry is. Your mileage may vary 🙂

      1. But Nespresso does make other flavored coffee with “natural” flavors, so far cloudberry is the only one that notes artificial flavors.

        1. Not sure where you found it about Cloudberry being totally artificial, the package says “natural”, with the addition of “modified starch”. The latter is present in Almond Cake too and probably not there only.

          1. My packages say:
            (EN) Contents: 10 Variations Nordic Cloudberry flavoured capsules of artificially flavoured roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system. Ingredients: roast and ground coffee, artificial flavour. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

          2. This is definitely new to us. My package say nearly word-by-word as yours:

            (EN) Contents: 10 Variations Nordic Cloudberry capsules of flavoured roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system. Nordic Cloudberry Flavour. Ingredients: roast and ground coffee, natural flavouring. Contains negligible amounts of energy, fat, carbohydrates, proteins and salt. Best before: see on the side. Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

            It is expressly said the flavouring is natural.

    1. Check Ebay, that’s where I was able to find some. It is selling at an upcharge though now that Nespresso sold out. Cheapest I found was twice the original cost, some sellers are charging triple or quadruple cost..

  12. I found the Cloudberry delightful and a welcome depart from the sometimes monotonous tones of dark roasts. To be honest, it brought me back to memories of childhood. It was like a bowl of delicious fruit loops with a coffee chaser. Yes, it’s light. Oh poor baby. Whine whine. If you want to drink tar 24×7 then please do so. I love strong coffee, but if that’s all you drink you’re missing out on subtleties a nice lighter roast can offer. I will GLADLY take any and all Cloudberry capsules from those whiners out there. Get a grip!

    1. It’s definitely an original taste and different from the bulk of the Nespresso Original line (which indeed leans towards dark roasts).

      Nespresso would do good to cater to the fans of light roasts more, and it is doing it: the whole Nordic Variations line was quite light-bodied.

  13. I have to admit I loved the aroma. I of course love latte’s so I tried it as an American and as a latte, it is definitely better as a latte. i would definitely purchase again as a holiday coffee.

  14. I simply LOVE Cloudy berry , it is by far one of the best releases by Nespresso! I bought I think over 20 sleeves since I knew it was a limited edition. I can hardly believe these hate comments are true!

    1. Comments from those dissatisfied with something are more common in general. But that’s why we called Cloudberry “controversial”, as many are either in love or hating this flavor.

  15. I absolutely loved it. Then again, the flavor of cloudberries is a very familiar one to me, since I grew up in Finland. Cloudberry itself very intense and flavorful, no doubt about it. I’m still looking for more, since it’s a childhood reminder for me. Thank you Nespresso for adventuring

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