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The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

Nordic Cloudberry is fast becoming one of the most controversial capsules ever released by Nespresso. While some like it, it’s a light cup with a pungent berry aroma, many utterly dislike it to the point of giving it away.

Personally I believe it’s a weak flavour. The whole Nordic-inspired line of capsules is particularly weak, born out more of the need for Nespresso to get the approval of the lighter, 3rd wave coffee enthusiasts and Scandinavian customers than actually being quality capsules. While the Nordic Black is a weaker version of the old Paris Black and the Nordic Almond Cake is less sweet, more delicate, than a Praline, the Nordic Cloudberry is both weak, as lacking a distinctive coffee flavour, and a bad combination with the cloudberry taste, with its tartness. I won’t throw away my capsules as they are sometimes worth drinking, when I don’t feel like drinking a heavier cup, I agree that the matching of a berry with coffee isn’t well made, close to a total failure. The cloudberry taste is way too prominent and overcomes, nearly completely, the coffee flavours, making it too similar to a fruity tea, minus the sweetness.

Nordic Cloudberry is the closest I would think of a faux pas from Nespresso, the first in years.

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The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

10 thoughts on “The controversial Nordic Cloudberry

  1. How cool. I like what you folks are doing here. Though I have to admit: I love the Nordic Cloudberry flavour just because it’s so strange. That intense smell of berries does overwhelm everything else, but for me it somehow works, and it’s so weird. I wouldn’t want to drink it regularly but for the Christmas holidays, imagining I’m in Finland, it’s fine!

    1. Our issues with Cloudberry are limited to being “not much coffee” in flavour, more like a tea. Perhaps we are a bit skewed towards dark roasts and intense capsules but Cloudberry feels a lot like Nespresso should have put a quarter less berry flavour in it to be right. Sometimes though, as you say, a very different taste like the Cloudberry one is fine. Thanks for following our blog, very much appreciated!

  2. I think this capsule flavour is hideous and tastes like very chemical laden window cleaner. Cloudberry is a fail by Nespresso. I tried to give it away but my friend spat it out.

  3. Nespresso Cloudberry is one of the best taste sensations Nestle have ever created. I’m a fan of many of the so-called “pure” hard-core Nespresso espressos, as well as the single origin Ethiopia, AND I love the Cloudberry! Truly well done to whoever at Nestle dreamed this up – I am a massive fan! Thank you!

  4. I was initially completely dismayed by the new Nespresso Cloudberry, but made it again as an afternoon coffee. I added a minimum of steamed milk and lots of foam, sprinkled on a hint of sweetened cocoa – unfortunately the berry taste still overpowered.To address this, I gently stirred in about 2 tablespoons of whipped cream with the result that I had a spectacularly delicious Kaffee mit Schlag, the kind of coffee combination you might find in Austria or southern Germany. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to experiment.

    1. Thanks to you Judith for sharing a good recipe to make Cloudberry bearable for those who don’t like it. We did find Cloudberry works better with lots of milk but not experimented enough for the perfect ratio. Kaffee mit Schlag sounds delicious 🙂

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