Nespresso Envivo Lungo

Envivo Lungo review

  • Origin: dark roasted, washed, Robusta from Mexico along with Arabica from India.
  • Intensity: 9
  • Bitterness: 4
  • Acidity: 1
  • Body: 4
  • Roasting: 4
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Dark brown foam. Good roasted aroma, quite intense, with acidity hints. Coffee feels hot from the smell already, not just as in temperature but as a feeling of something burning without the acrid/charcoal tones.

At the first sip this hotness feel is confirmed, along with a pronounced bitterness. A medium bodied capsule, clearly dark roasted.

The taste profile is identical to what you would expect by reading the Nespresso’s description: woody and dark cocoa flavors are dominant, with bitterness winning against acidity and no sweetness. Weak gingerbread undertones as well. Strong, dry, aftertaste.

An intense pod, matching Nespresso’s official score. Average-lasting crema.

Drunk as a lungo there’s barely any acidity that instead is more noticeable in an espresso-sized cup.

Envivo Lungo is the strongest among the lungo pods, for an intense, dark, bitter, and with a peculiar hotness cup of coffee.

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