Nespresso Vivalto Lungo

Vivalto Lungo Review

  • Origin: a blend of Arabica coffee from South America, among which Cerrado from Brazil, and Ethiopian Arabica.
  • Intensity: 4
  • Bitterness:2
  • Acidity: 2
  • Body: 2
  • Roasting: 3
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Brown foam. Intense, sweet and malty aroma. Hints of hazelnuts and a feeble roastiness are also present.

Light bodied coffee, clearly not an intense pod. Mostly dry with a pleasant bitterness that borders sourness but never truly reaches it. Highly probable that most of the aromatic profile of Vivalto Lungo comes from the dark roasted, arguably, South American beans in it.

At low temperatures a very vague acidity can be discerned, along with floral undertones. These are most probably thanks to the Ethiopian beans.

Overall the taste profile is markedly malty and cereals-like, with a subtle sweetness. A gentle pod for a lungo-sized coffee, that becomes way more intense and bitter when brewed as an espresso. As Nespresso recommends, in a lungo format it is a moderately flavorful coffee.

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