Milano Intenso

Milano Intenso Review

  • Origin: medium-dark roast of “mostly” Latin American coffee
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Acidity: 2
  • Roasting: 4
  • Body: 3

A 2023 limited edition pod belonging to the Ispirazione Italiana line.

Dark brown foam. Intense cocoa aroma, with nice roasting notes. Perhaps surprisingly, also jammy, like strawberry’s, notes can be smelled. Those together create a round aroma, balanced.

Quite an heavy-bodied pod, definitely on the intense side as well. Markedly bitter, with a peculiar burnt aftertaste, nearly ashy. This after taste tends to linger on the palate, and can put off some drinkers.

With little to show in the fields of sweetness and acidity, it is an unidirectional capsule: bitter and intense.

Cocoa notes dominate, along with undertones of an hypothetical jam without sugar. This jamminess donates not sweetness to this coffee but it is felt in the mouth as an heavy cream texture. A bit of pepper, cardamon, salt notes can also be tasted.

Long lasting crema. Less bitter when moderately hot. Good pod for a macchiato, a cortado or in general for coffee drinks with not too much milk.

Milano Intenso is true to its name: a blend in the Italian tradition, with a punchy intensity, apt for milk-based coffee drinks as well as for strong espressos.

Milano Intenso package
Milano Intenso package

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