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Month: October 2019

Long Black Over Ice review

Origin: Ethiopia and Peru coffees Intensity: 5 Order: Buy Long Black Over Ice capsules A 2019 Summer Limited Edition. Light brown foam. Pleasurably roasted smell, pronounced. Medium-strong body, with a thick and persistent crema. An acidic cup, just a bit bitter. Hints of chocolate can be discerned but not above the citric, fruity ones. A […]

Flat White Over Ice review

Origin: A blend of Ethiopian and Indian coffees Intensity: 5 Order: Buy Flat White Over Ice capsules A 2019 Summer Limited Edition. Light brown foam. Sweet and aromatic aroma, resembling malt and spices. Slightly on the bitter side but not too much as to be classified as a bitter capsule. Quite acidic and spicy, punching […]

How Long Do Nespresso Capsules Last?

A most common question about the durability, and safety, of the Nespresso capsule is: how long do the capsules last? Is there any expiration date? Is it safe to drink them afterwards? Short answer, yes, they do expire but are safe to drink after even a long time later. Coffee is not subject to a […]

Rosabaya de Colombia review

Origin: 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia Intensity: 6 Order: Buy Rosabaya de Colombia capsules A Pure Origin capsule discontinued in favour of Master Origin Colombia. Medium brown foam, nearly copper. Sweet, fruity aroma. Quite acidic, with a subdued bitterness. A medium cup, with a not very noticeable crema. At lower temperatures it’s well balanced, acidity […]

Barista Scuro review

Origin: Arabica coffee from Colombia and Ethiopia Intensity: 8 Bitterness: 3 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Barista Scuro capsules A 2017-2019 Barista Limited Edition. Brown foam. Nice aroma, just slightly burnt. Quite acidic, especially at first, but not much bitter to be tasted. Good intensity, with a medium, oily, body. Very well balanced aromatic profile overall, […]

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