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Month: June 2019

Table of coffee origins – Oceania

Country/Region Denomination Notes Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (general) Modest, low-toned richness, moderate acidity like fermented apples. Often compared with Indonesian coffee, it is not as full-bodied or aromatic but possesses a buttery quality and great sweetness Sigri Earthy body, not as full-bodied or aromatic as coffee from Sulawesi but as fruity as it […]

Table of coffee origins – South America

Country/Region Denomination Notes Colombia Colombians One quarter stronger than Santos from Brazil and with a much finer flavour and aroma. Medium body, vibrant acidity, nuanced fruit tones. Sometimes chocolatey Medellin Medium smooth, fine flavour and body Manizales Similar to Medellin but not as heavy bodied or as acid Jerico Santa Marta Fancy roast, too acid […]

Tables of coffee origins

In case you haven’t noticed, we are slowly publishing a few reference posts containing a table of all the coffee origins worldwide. Divided by area of production and then by country, these are the results of our researches over many months and will be kept updated in the future as soon as we discover further […]

Table of coffee origins – Central America

Country/Region Denomination Notes Mexico Mexicans Cereals, rich body, fine acidity Veracruz Acid, heavy flavour, used for blending Huatusco Similar to Veracruz Orizaba Similar to Huatusco Jalapa Light bodied Cordoba Neutral, smooth flavour. Good body, low acidity Tabasco Coatzalcoalcos Uncertain character, groundy Chiapas Soconusco Similar to Guatemalan coffee, smooth, no tang Chiapas Tapachula Similar to Soconusco […]

The Nespresso Index: average cost per capsule in various countries

An interesting research about the different costs of capsules, taking Arpeggio as a comparison, in the various countries Nespresso sells. Clearly the EU comes as the cheapest place on average to buy the capsules (all are manufactured in Switzerland after all) but also Asia isn’t much more expensive while US and especially Africa are.

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