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    Coffee Market report for October 2019

    A published pdf from the International Coffee Organization shows a few interesting statistics about the world’s production of coffee. Robusta’s output increasing, a bolstering of Brazil’s production with a decline of Mexico’s and Peru’s coffees and a recovering Indonesia’s production, among the many statistics that can be read in the pdf. Globally a reduction of the coffee production is expected for the 2019/2020 years.

  • How much caffeine in Nespresso capsule

    How much caffeine in Nespresso capsules?

    Nespresso doesn’t declare what is the caffeine content for each of their capsules. Not anymore, at least. In the past some informations could be gleaned from a few official Nespresso websites and that’s what we publish here. Be aware that all these measurements are not exact as the temperature of water, time of brewing and water:coffee ratio can all influence the final caffeine content in your cup. Even wildly. So, assuming that each of these Nespresso capsules are brewed according to the suggested cup size, their relative caffeine content should be as such, from lower to higher: Vivalto Decaffeinato, Volluto Decaffeinato, Arpeggio Decaffeinato, Ristretto Decaffeinato: less than 2mg/cup Barista Chiaro:…

  • Best Nespresso Capsules

    Best Nespresso Capsules

    For those who don’t want to go through all our reviews to know which capsules to buy, we thought it would be useful to have a single place where you can know what capsule is best for what you are looking for, and go straight to buy it without fearing of being deluded. Obviously, the “best” is very much subjective so we will list instead the “best” Nespresso capsules for a specific feature, be it a flavour or a recipe or a cup size. That will give you an idea what capsules is best for what you like to usually drink. This list is obviously subject to change with time…

  • Nespresso Nordic Almond Cake

    Nordic Almond Cake review

    Origin: a flavoured coffee inspired from the norwegian Kvæfjordkake, based off Livanto Intensity: 6 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 3 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Order: Buy Nordic Almond Cake capsules A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019. Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, of a good intensity. Very much almond-like. A medium-heavy cup, with hints of cereals and meringue mixed with some bitterness. Low acidity. Closely resembling a more subtle version of the Macaron limited edition. A blend of cream, meringue and almond flavours over the Livanto base. Delicate and flavourful.

  • Nespresso Nordic Black

    Nordic Black review

    Origin: a blend of African and South American coffee Intensity: 5 Bitterness: 1 Acidity: 2 Body: 2 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Nordic Black capsules A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019. Brown foam. A mix of fruits and cereals aroma. Fruity and acidic at the taste, more so at lower temperatures. A markedly dry cup. Quite low intensity, even less than the 5 Nespresso officially gives to it. Little to no bitterness. A pungent, fruity, light cup for an easy drink experience. Crema is inconsistent. To be drank as a lungo but for more punch an espresso/ristretto would be to us the sweet spot between the flavours and character.

  • Nespresso Nordic Cloudberry

    Nordic Cloudberry review

    Origin: a Livanto-based capsule, with a cloudberry flavouring Intensity: 6 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 3 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Order: Buy Nordic Cloudberry capsules A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019. Light brown foam. Strong and pungent aroma of berries, completely overcoming the coffee aroma. At a first sip the cloudberry and acidity are prominent, with little bitterness. It barely resembles a cup of coffee at first, fruits and berries flavours cover any hint of coffee, especially at higher temperatures. A light-bodied cup. Not particularly sweet, with hints of citrus flavours instead. One of the least standard cups of coffee among the whole Nespresso line.

  • Nespresso Fortissio Lungo

    Fortissio Lungo review

    Origin: Indian Malabar coast Arabica blended with Latin America Arabica coffee. Intensity: 8 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 2 Body: 3 Roasting: 4 Order: Buy Fortissio Lungo capsules Dark brown foam. Burnt and a bit flowery smell, with a hint of sweetness. Low acidity and just in the aftertaste. Dry and bitter at a first taste. Not very dense, quite a smooth, light cup. Malty and red fruits, somewhat burnt, notes prevail, with a splash of bitterness. More dry at lower temperatures while less bitter.