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Table of coffee origins – Asia

Yemen (general)Deep, earthy, complex and pungent
MochaPoor and irregular roast, in the cup they have a unique acid character, heavy body. In flavour, smooth and delicious
MattariThe most acidy, most complex, most fragrantly powerful of Yemen origins
SharkiA superior Mocha, with a rich full body
HiraziAs acidy and fruity as Mattari, but a bit lighter in the cup
IsmailiExcellent but a bit gentler and less powerful than Mattari
SananiA blend of coffee from the Sana’a region. More balanced, less acid than the other origins
India (general)In the cup Indian coffee has a distinctive flavour and deep colour
MadrasMalabarHandsome roast, peculiar rich flavour
NilgiriNilgirisSlightly acidic
Selection 9An hybrid between Tafarikela from Ethiopia and Timor coffee
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka (general)The hill-grown washed are unique in appearance and flavour

Source: All About Coffee plus our own researches.

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Table of coffee origins – Asia

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