• Caffe Vergnano Intenso

    Caffé Vergnano Intenso review

    Origin: African Arabica coffee Intensity: 5/5 Body: 5/5 Order: Buy Caffé Vergnano Intenso at Caffé Vergnano , Buy Caffé Vergnano Intenso at Amazon Dark brown foam. Spicy smell mixed with a gently roasted aroma permeate the room after brewing this capsule. Lightly dry and acidic at first, with subtle undertones of green fruits, like apples or pears. A medium-heavy bodied cup with a thick and persistent crema. Good intensity, slightly sweet and not at all bitter. At lower temperatures, a dark chocolate flavour comes to dominate the tasting experience, with almonds and a fruity acidity like apples’ accompanying it. Overall an intense and complex cup of coffee, that has enough…