• Aged Sumatra available also in the US

    For those curious about trying this aged coffee from Indonesia, the capsule is available in the US market too now. We recently reviewed it here, go read our impressions of this limited edition.

  • Nespresso Aged Sumatra

    Aged Sumatra review

    Origin: Arabica from the Aceh province on Sumatra, Indonesia, aged for 3 years. Intensity: 7 Bitterness: 5 Acidity: 3 Body: 5 Roasting: 4 Order: Buy Aged Sumatra at Amazon A limited edition among the Master Origins line. Light brown foam. An intensely roasted aroma, with a somewhat tobacco, even peaty, tinge. Prevalently bitter at first, with a very subtle acidity, not bright nor tangy. Thick crema but not long lasting. Whisky-like undertones, similar to drinking a coffee “corretto” with a splash of a low-grade alcoholic drink. Woody, spicy and especially tobacco flavors, with a delicate, moderately sweet, acidity make the bulk of the aromatic profile of this capsule. Acidity comes…

  • Limited edition Master Origin Aged Sumatra available in EU

    A new Master Origin from the Aceh region of Sumatra, Indonesia, has become available on most EU markets. It is an aged coffee, where the beans have been stored for 3 years, and that affects its taste in unusual ways. Not many coffee vendors offer aged beans. This Aged Sumatra should be a quite spicy and tobacco-like coffee capsule. No news if it will become available outside of EU. Often Nespresso tries a new limited edition in a few markets and, if successful, relaunch it worldwide later.