Illy Caffé to start recycling all their capsules

A-la Nespresso, with a system where a courier will take the used capsules for you, directly from your home. They’ve partnered with TerraCycle for the recycling technical aspects.

The official announcement came out a few days ago but we waited to inform you as Illy has a proprietary capsule system, Iperespresso, and we weren’t sure the recycling system would include their Nespresso compatible pods too. Fortunately, it does, as specified on the webpage for the initiative.

So if you have one of the Illy Nespresso compatible capsules, you can recycle them through them from now on.

We’re always happy to highlight when a company takes care of the environment and the impact that our coffee consumption has on it. Hopefully this will be a trend that all the coffee companies will soon follow.

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