• Nespresso is not raising prices…yet

    While some of you might justly think that Nespresso is already on the expensive side, the company has sustained increased prices of Arabica beans (hitting the highest since 2016) and supply chain disruption without touching the average prices of the coffee across all markets. As you can read in more detail here, the company has decided to absorb the costs of the raw material, which here is coffee, instead than discharge it over the final consumer. The important aspect of this is, so far. Nespresso hasn’t fully excluded that prices of their pods will never raise in the foreseeable future. Quite the contrary. Alfonso Gonzales Loeschen, the chief executive of…

  • Reference

    Coffee Market report for October 2019

    A published pdf from the International Coffee Organization shows a few interesting statistics about the world’s production of coffee. Robusta’s output increasing, a bolstering of Brazil’s production with a decline of Mexico’s and Peru’s coffees and a recovering Indonesia’s production, among the many statistics that can be read in the pdf. Globally a reduction of the coffee production is expected for the 2019/2020 years.

  • Different Coffee Cherries

    Main species and varieties of the coffee plant

    A general reference on the differences and origins of the various coffee beans around the world. The classification of each is not exact, as some institutes may call some plants a cultivar or a variety. There’s plenty of confusion and different takes on what is a proper species and what is a cultivar only of the main Coffea natural species. The main species of coffee Coffea Abbayesii. Found in Madagascar. Coffea Affiniis. Found in tropical Africa, it is probably an interbreed between Coffea Liberica and Coffea Stenophylla. Coffea Arabica. The most widely cultivated. Originally from Ethiopia, South Sudan and north Kenya. Coffea Benghalensis. Distributed in the area between Nepal and…