NESCAFÉ Farmers Origins launched

A new range of Nespresso compatible capsules was just launched by the mother company of Nespresso, Nestlé, under the Nescafé brand. These aren’t sold in Nespresso boutiques nor on the website but are instead geared towards mass-market distribution, thus supermarkets and similar stores.

The range is made of 5 capsules:

  • 3 Americas
  • Colombia
  • Africas
  • Brazil
  • India

With different blends of Arabica and Robusta, from multiple origins. Available at first in Australia and New Zealand, these capsules should cost less than the official Nespresso ones as they’re not a premium-line. No news if they will be available in other markets and when but it’s probable that they will be, unless unsuccessful.

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    • Nespresso Guide

      Yes, they will be in the same shape and material as the classic Original line Nespresso pods. Same aluminium, fully recyclable. These capsules will be also be accepted in the same recycle bag as Nespresso ones.

  • Christine

    Received my samples this morning and tried the India capsule and it’s very nice and smooth. Will leave the Colombia capsule as I don’t like decaf coffee.

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