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    Table of coffee origins – Africa

    Country/Region Denomination Notes Egypt Egypt (general) Usually from the upper Nile regions. They have some Mocha characteristics Sudan Nubian Heavy body, rich flavour Berber Superior coffee Eritrea Abyssinian Ethiopia Ethiopia (general) Quite diverse, from citrus, bergamot, and florals through to candied and tropical fruits. Elegant and complex Abyssinian Benadir Sidamo Well balanced, with berries and citrus notes Yirgachefe Citrusy and floral Guji  Limu Limu Djimmah Ghimbi Lekempti Low acidity, balanced, fruity Harar Harar The original Mocha longberry, excellent flavour but not so delicate as Mocha Kaffa Kaffa Groundy flavour Kenya Kenya (general) Having Mysore from India characteristics with a touch of Mocha. Full bodied and rich, strong, flavour with a…

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    Table of coffee origins – South-East Asia

    Country/Region Denomination Notes China China (general) Pleasantly sweet and fruity, with some woodiness and earthiness too. Low acidity and full-bodied Yunnan Fujian Hainan Vietnam Vietnam (general) Low character, often woody and lacking sweetness Thailand Thailand (general) Sweet, quite clean and low in acidity. Some spice and chocolate often accompany a relatively full mouthfeel Chiang Mai Chiang Rai Lampang Mae Hong Son Tak Surat Thani Chumphon Nakhon Si Thammarat Phang Nga Krabi Ranong Myanmar Myanmar (general) Grassy cup Malaysia Straits Liberian Straits Robusta Indonesia Indonesia (general) Heavy bodied, sweet cedar and bell peppers notes. Herbaceous and earthy, some varieties are intensely sweet and with very little acidity Kopi Luwak Full bodied,…

  • Nespresso Vanilio

    Vanilio review

    Origin: based off Livanto, a blend of Central and South American Arabica coffee. Intensity: 6 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 3 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Order: Buy Vanilio capsules Light brown foam. Distinct and permeating vanilla aroma. Dry and not much acidic. Vanilla is clearly the predominant flavour, overcoming the Livanto’s malt and cereals. Works better with sugar and as a ristretto, as it may result watery otherwise.

  • Nespresso Nicaragua

    Nicaragua review

    Origin: “Black Honey” processed Arabica from Nicaragua. Intensity: 5 Bitterness: 2 Acidity: 2 Body: 2 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Nicaragua capsules Brown foam. Sweet, biscuits-like aroma, not very pronounced. Quite acidic at the first taste, with woody notes. A bit sour too, not bitter. Not very flavourful, no notes are truly prominent but that can be also considered as a balanced cup. Medium bodied.

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    Table of coffee origins – Asia

    Country/Region Denomination Notes Yemen Yemen (general) Deep, earthy, complex and pungent Mocha Poor and irregular roast, in the cup they have a unique acid character, heavy body. In flavour, smooth and delicious Mattari The most acidy, most complex, most fragrantly powerful of Yemen origins Sharki A superior Mocha, with a rich full body Hirazi As acidy and fruity as Mattari, but a bit lighter in the cup Ismaili Excellent but a bit gentler and less powerful than Mattari Sanani A blend of coffee from the Sana’a region. More balanced, less acid than the other origins Raymah Mahweet Sa’dah Hajjah India India (general) In the cup Indian coffee has a distinctive…