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On pods being good, or not, for the environment

A very interesting article on Wired about what impact have the various pods on the environment, plastic, aluminium and compostable ones. Comparing them with the older methods of brewing coffee like a moka pot or a pour over, turns out that the energy needed to brew a single cup of coffee with a coffee machine using pods, like any Nespresso ones, is inferior or very close to the other methods that produce less waste in materials but require more coffee (and thus more energy to harvest, roast and ship it) and energy to give you a cup of coffee.

I’m of the opinion that one of the biggest bottlenecks in being truly environmentally good is the methods of recycling our waste. Most countries and towns are not equipped or don’t care about recycling in the correct way all the different packages we throw away and thus what may seems to us 100% recyclable turns out not to be. Nespresso in this at least guarantee us to be able to recycle all our used pods.

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On pods being good, or not, for the environment

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