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Long Black Over Ice review

Origin: Ethiopia and Peru coffees Intensity: 5 Order: Buy Long Black Over Ice capsules A 2019 Summer Limited Edition. Light brown foam. Pleasurably roasted smell, pronounced. Medium-strong body, with a thick and persistent crema. An acidic cup, just a bit bitter. Hints of chocolate can be discerned but not above the citric, fruity ones. A […]

Flat White Over Ice review

Origin: A blend of Ethiopian and Indian coffees Intensity: 5 Order: Buy Flat White Over Ice capsules A 2019 Summer Limited Edition. Light brown foam. Sweet and aromatic aroma, resembling malt and spices. Slightly on the bitter side but not too much as to be classified as a bitter capsule. Quite acidic and spicy, punching […]

Cafecito de Puerto Rico available soon

And for a very limited time as the stock is tiny. Only for US market it seems, with an original system: first you need to make a donation to a foundation that will help reviving the coffee plantations on the island, and then, from the 27 of this October, you’ll be able to actually buy […]

Detailed info on this holidays’ Limited Editions is online

From the Singapore Nespresso website, the listings for Nordic Black, Nordic Cloudberry and Nordic Almond Cake are up: None of them looks like dark roasts but of a more moderate flavour. Availability for US and Canada is still set for 23 of October, unknown about other countries.

Barista Scuro review

Origin: Arabica coffee from Colombia and Ethiopia Intensity: 8 Bitterness: 3 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Barista Scuro capsules A 2017-2019 Barista Limited Edition. Brown foam. Nice aroma, just slightly burnt. Quite acidic, especially at first, but not much bitter to be tasted. Good intensity, with a medium, oily, body. Very well balanced aromatic profile overall, […]

New Limited Editions coming soon

Still unclear in what market they will be (if US/Canada or EU+UK) but the names should be: Variations Nordic Almond Cake Variations Nordic Cloudberry Variations Nordic Black All are 6 in intensity but for the Nordic Black that is 5. No luck then for the lovers of stronger coffees this holiday season then. We will […]

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