Cold brew – longer brewing

We’ve been experimenting the perfect amount of time for a cold brew, with different coffee beans. Latest one with a simple Lavazza Espresso, medium grind, 4:1 ratio and brewed for 20 hours was lacking flavour and had a distinct bitter aftertaste, sign of overextraction.

The time before we brewed for 15 hours and it was great, flavorful and oily. The previous attempt was with a Kimbo espresso blend, which is a darker roast of this Lavazza one, so it came out stronger, bolder, but not more bitter. 15 hours seems to be the right amount of time for a cold brew with espresso blends normally to be found in supermarkets.

Next time we’re probably going to try a single origin coffee, still with 15 hours of brewing as 20 proved to be too long.

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